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Drew Missman

CEO / Tour Director

I have had the extraordinary privilege of creating some of the most memorable moments in many people’s lives. My passion for exploring, traveling, and sharing stories and experiences has translated into a career in the ultimate field, Adventure Tourism.

Having traveled extensively around the globe I have learned and experienced amazing differences as well as similarities in cultures, people, food, and everything that comes in between. My goal is to communicate the common bonds people share and appreciate those differences in meaningful ways, and have a fun and exciting time doing it.

I have worked directly with one of the most reputable brands in existence, known only as Disney. Providing family oriented tours in various locales around the world, I get to share my expertise and ever expanding knowledge with everyone from children to their grandparents. We uphold the highest levels of safety and professionalism, while providing an engaging and rewarding sense of adventure.

I’ve explored 54┬ácountries on the map so far, with no plan on stopping. Life is an adventure, and I love adventure.

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