True Adventures is a new kind of tour, taking the all-inclusive family-friendly approach to adventure travel, while goings hands-on to contribute positive impacts with local communities. Exploring the must-see's and do's, then venturing off the beaten path.
Be the solution, not the problem.

A Few Tour Highlights

  • Local community projects

    Team up with your family and local communities in unique "voluntourism" projects. From helping small villages with irrigation and planting vegetables, helping underprivileged schools build a classroom, to helping rescued endangered sea turtles, or partnering up with locals for a beach cleanup, we strive to make a difference in positive ways.

  • Chat with and receive a blessing from Buddhist Monks

    Perched atop a mountain in a secluded valley lays a magnificent temple, visited by only the few who know of it's existence. The 16 friendly monks who live there share their wisdom with us as we offer alms, receive a blessing, and chant as the sun sets over the rice fields below.

  • Karen Hilltribe Elephant Sanctuary

    The Karen people have lived and walked among these gentle giants for generations. Have the best day ever playing with, feeding, bathing, and caring for these elephants in an ethical way. Learn why we should never ride elephants and how we can co-exist with these peaceful giants.

  • Luxury floating bungalows on an emerald lake

    Away from the crowds, we take you off the beaten path via long-tail boats, on a safari to our luxury floating bungalows surrounded by beautiful limestone karsts. Spot wildlife and learn about survival in this remote wilderness. Gibbons, Dusky Langurs, Great Hornbills, and a whole lot more inhabit the surrounding jungles. Even the occasional wild elephant may be spotted!

  • Sail and snorkel around picture perfect tropical islands

    Discover Thailand's famed islands, white sand beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. The sun sets over the Andaman Sea as you enjoy an amazing adventure on these majestic waters. Take a once in a lifetime dip after dark with the bio-luminescence!

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  • *Flights to/from Thailand are not included ¬†(Please contact our travel arrangement specialists if you would like assistance with your flights).
  • All hotels, ground transportation, tour activities, local guides, and most meals are included.
  • All gratuities as part of the tour package are included, except for your True Adventure Tour Guide (see FAQ).
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Stand Out Features

Our Family Friendly Vacation Tours bring you on True Adventures like no other. We pride ourselves in providing safe, entertaining, amazing, cultural, and wholly unique experiences!

Led by a true local of the area, their exciting energy and passion for knowledge are shared with our small groups, as well as our private custom packages. Ideal for families, couples, and solo travelers of all ages to experience these amazing journeys. We pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we visit and interact with locals in a positive and environmentally friendly way.
Fun Guides

Fun and Friendly Local Tour Guides

Experienced local guides take care of every detail of your trip, every step of the way. Our deep love and knowledge for our home allow us to share the rich history and culture like it's meant to be shared. We laugh along with you, answer all the questions you have, help with all we can, and become your trusted friend for your True Adventure, and beyond.

Fun For All Ages

Activities For All Ages

Whether you're 5, 85, or somewhere in between, we offer fun and engaging activities for every member of your family. Special "kids only" and "adult exclusive" activities are offered, providing more ways for your family to enjoy.

Authentic Cultural Experiences

Authentic Cultural Experiences

Local experts and native story tellers give us insight into their daily lives. With hands-on experiences and fun community engagement, we embrace the rich culture, history, and authenticity often missed by other groups and travelers.

Experience the Unexpected

Find The Unexpected

True Adventure provides experiences unlike any other. Explore iconic destinations one moment, then find yourself saying WOW in another you've never heard of. We take the beaten path, then veer off to the side to show you the hidden gems other tours don't.

About True Adventures

Travel is something we believe should be experienced by everyone. With over 58 countries visited and nearly a decade of tour guiding experience, we bring exceptional quality and personal experiences to each and every tour.

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